Spring into 5 Shades of Yellow

Liberty Sanders

Posted on October 01 2020

Spring into 5 Shades of Yellow

Spring calls for suns out, guns out… or in this case, those irresistibly delicious baby-rolls and toddler arms you just want to munch on. When we think summer, we think sun; so today we are looking at five shades of yellow including patterns and fabrics, warming your tot up for summer. Universally chic, ultimately unisex.

1. Sunlight

What better shade to start with than sunlight! Sunlight is a gender-neutral tone. Sunlight evokes happiness and cheer; this pastel yellow is elusively brightening to your special little bubs wardrobe. It creates functionality and peace of mind for sun protection, given its pale hue. Complimented with bold or patterned fabrics, you’ll feel those warm n fuzzies when your sunshine wears this soft colour.


2. Saffron

Named after the spice, of course, saffron enriches the colour yellow with a hint of orange to create a golden yellow. Saffron is a trendy colour for spring/summer 2020 – have you noticed it around this year? We see more so, for boys. Want to go loud and proud – marry saffron with a rich purple or blue. Or enrich soulful saffron with a soft print or patterned fabric.



3. Mustard

Unlike its sibling colour, saffron - mustard has a darker brown tone –undoubtingly one of the most popular shades of yellow when it comes to clothing and fashion. A rich, solid colour - mustard is used stunningly as a base colour. By adding a patterned fabric such as polka-dots adds some fun to the design while lightening the colour. This is the perfect accompaniment for a single piece garment like a dress or playsuit, an easy, practical and absolutely adorable outfit. 



4. Oatmeal

Mix grey with yellow, and you’ve got 
Oatmeal - a fantastic base colour and great, yet subtle shade alternative to white. Let’s face it, us Mama’s love the thought of white, but it’s a bit risky business, don’t you think? Great for layering, this sandy shade of yellow makes colour matching a dream for your little lady or legend. Pick your fav colour for your little one, and it’s guaranteed to go with Oatmeal; Bold colours like reds or blues are bound to compliment your bubs milky skin or perfect baby-blues. Or if you’re brave, stark white or black completes a chic monochrome look that’s bound to set your little one up for the runway.



5. Lemon 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This zesty colour (pun intended) can be understated with a pattern - perfectly paired with purple, ready for the spring sunshine (thank you Fallyn for the inspiration). Or, team a lemon tee with some contemporary, unisex overalls that can be rolled up or down to suit the weather or growing legs!


Yellow doesn’t suit every skin tone, we get it! Even when it comes to bubs, we are dreaming of the styles that are just too cute to resist. Just quietly, who knew there were so many “shades” of yellow? 

In saying that, we hope that you’ve got a better understanding of how to master the art of yellow this spring/summer season. Our brand-new selections from Milky Clothing and Vignette have nailed it! Check them out at                                                                                                                                                                                                  

FYI: Colour match five shades of yellow with red, purple, blues, black, grey, peach, pink, white and other shades of green. 

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